About us

Welcome to Machaven Farm

Tiffanie and Stephen have been homesteading at Machaven Farm since 2016 with the idea that growing up simply on a farm was the best for their two daughters.

Tiffanie, a successful entrepreneur, fell in love with the idea of the farm as a community and began farming with regenerative methods in earnest.  Stephen works off the farm as a physician and understands the importance of food as medicine, especially nutritionally dense, whole food, which a regenerative system speaks to. 

The farm sits on 38 acres with 2 under cultivation.  The farm is a mixed vegetable operation with a herd of goats, sheep, hogs, a flock of chickens and bees.  The animals and produce integrate all the aspects of our farm.  We use the animals to maintain the pastures and clear underbrush in the woods and as a source of fertility for the gardens.