Yellow Pear Tomato

Yellow Pear Tomato

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Days to Maturity: 75


Yellow Pear tomato produces bright yellow, small, pear-shaped heirlooms that grow to between 1 to 2 inches in length when ripe. This enticing new tomato variety is desirable for its high yielding, tasty, colorful fruit. Yellow pear is perfect for snacks and salads. No matter the use, this delectable tomato packs excellent flavor.

If you are starting the Yellow Pear tomato plant from seed, wait until they have grown 4 to 6 inches tall and the danger of frost is gone before planting outside. Put your plants in a sunny spot and give them plenty of space, about 36 inches between each one.

Ripe fruits should be ready to be picked about 70 or 80 days after starting your plants. The tomatoes are ready to harvest when they are completely yellow and easily come off the vine. Yellow Pear tomato vines usually survive well into the fall, so expect to keep harvesting longer than you would with other varieties.